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Did She Say Yes?

Nov 18, 2011   //   by admin   //   Blog, Video Production  //  No Comments

Hey! I know I know, I’ve been quite busy the last few months and have gone on the hayside and left you guys hanging for a while. Don’t worry, I’ve been working on something bigger than that. I figured, with having a Video Production company and a wonderful girlfriend who absolutely adores anything having to deal with movies – that I had to make my proposal BIG. And not just BIG in the sense that it was 4 months in the making, took loads of organization and talent, and above most a huge amount of discipline to not spoil it! But I’m talking big in the fact that this whole day – 4 months in the making – was bigger than I could have ever imagined – not to mention bigger than Asha (my wonderful Fiance) could have ever imagined.

So without further filler text, here’s my proposal – the countless hours I have spent in the last 4 months all for one girl and this one day (which we all know is actually a lifetime worth of memories).

Oh and before I forget, if you do have interest on how I put all of this together, the organization, what it took to accomplish what I did…sign up for my email list. If you are already apart of my list, then you will receive a few how-to’s on the whole entire process in the coming weeks. When I’m done with you, you’ll be able to make one of these yourselves!


[VIDEOsnippets] Looking For Talent??

Oct 15, 2011   //   by admin   //   Internet Marketing, Video Production, Video Snippets  //  No Comments

Look For Talent?

In this VIDEOsnippetI discuss the different ways you can get acting and voice talent for your video shoots. When would you need this? Ever want to do a product demonstration with a professional actor or actress showcasing your product? Ever wanted professional sounding Voice Overs? Or maybe you just need more talent within with you production, after all – you can’t be in 5 places at once!

Video Snippets: The Simple Rule of Thirds

Aug 4, 2011   //   by admin   //   Blog, Video Production, Video Snippets  //  No Comments

Did you know that there is one simple rule that can make or break the perfect shot? What’s funny is it only deals with the location of your subject in your shot! Watch the video below to see what I mean. I’m talking about the Simple Rule of Thirds! Enjoy!

So remember, always keep your talent in a third of your shot to create compelling and engaging video AND photography!

Learn How to Shoot an Interview

Jul 26, 2011   //   by admin   //   Blog, Internet Marketing, Video Production  //  No Comments

Hey! In this video I show you how I set up to shoot interviews in my home! This footage was taken from a shoot I did for a client last week. I put a camera on a tripod and shot from a distance the whole set up process (well, until it ran out of battery). This is about 50 minutes of work compressed into 3 minutes.

I explain the process of setting everything up, why it’s set up that way, plus it gives you a glimpse into an actual interview shoot so you can manipulate it to work for you!


3 Key Tips on Speaking to the Camera

Jul 20, 2011   //   by admin   //   Blog, Internet Marketing, Video Production  //  No Comments

We’ve all been there. You got everything you need to start video marketing: the camera, tripod, an outline, memory cards, location, lighting is perfect. Everything is absolutely perfect, except every time you hit the record button you freeze up or choke on all of your words. This is a predicament every video marketer goes through and in my video below I discuss 3 Key Tips on helping you rock it on camera!

Vlog 6 – Why I am on Windoze se7en

Jun 29, 2011   //   by admin   //   Blog, Team Blue vLog, Video Production  //  No Comments

This may come as a surprise to some (especially after my huge Hackintosh post back in February!) But I am actually back on Windows 7. This video explains why. Please don’t let this deter you, the build is awesome, reliable, efficient, and fun.

The short of it? RAM issue. God damn RAM! Drove me crazy!!! Anyways, take it easy. I’ll be thinking about you :>