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Happy Fathers Day

Jun 19, 2011   //   by admin   //   Blog, Family, Life, Team Blue vLog  //  No Comments

Dad, you have taught me so many things: from working with the smallest screwdriver to the biggest powertools, from inventing my own little play areas (the cardboard cars I’d make!), to having the utmost desire and longing to create a business and be an entrepreneur. You have pushed me so hard and in so many ways that I don’t know where I’d be without you.

I hope you have the greatest day and year ever for years to come. I cannot wait for when we all live a street or two away from each other so we can have our big ‘ol outdoor dinners together and our “loungin-in-the-backyard” summers.

So I made this video for you, ENJOY!

Hit that Full Screen Button and crank up your sound!!!

I Love You more than you know, Happy Fathers Day!!
Matthew and Asha

Oh yeah, and Mom was a life saver in providing a lot of these photos and Asha just for being in my life. We both love you guys!!!

The New Addition…

Dec 10, 2009   //   by admin   //   Blog, Family, Life, My Blog  //  1 Comment

Asha and I added a new member to our small family! His name is Nikko. In Japanese it means “Daylight”…which is fitting because we both feel that Nikko is our daylight. I compiled a short video of our little man for you. This is the morning after picking him up from my breeder Joni Morningstar of Morningstar Shibas.

Did I mention he is a show dog? and comes from world champion lines?


[flv:/movies/nikko.flv 500 333]

Through the Finer Things in Life

Oct 30, 2009   //   by admin   //   Automobile, Blog, Family, Friends, Life, Music, My Blog, Road Trips, Travel  //  1 Comment

Hello All,

It has literally been ages since I have posted and I apologize. That will all change soon. A very important women in my life told me that if you have too many hobbies, it is impossible to reminisce on them all. I would have to agree. I find myself in a multitude of different projects. A few of which are extremely fun. Okay, okay…all of them are fun.

Here is a quick recap of the last few months. I went on an amazing cruise through Alaska with Princess Cruises, grew extremely close to my sister, Jaime Mintun, met a very special lady whom I have grown to love, bought a Mercedes, recorded an EP, and have not seen my closest friends enough.

Let’s start out with the new toys:

I know you guys remember the GTO.

Here’s the new toy:

And I have another surprise…Asha bought a 1989 Bronco that we are going to fix up! This last weekend we redid the whole exhaust system. The past owner was apparently not all there.

Here’s a nice before and after:

[flv:/movies/bronco.flv 425 318]

Turns out the previous owner was running straight cats. Now if that wasn’t enough, check this out…he cut the header on the passenger side between the Y-pipe and the manifold. This guy had the passenger side running straight headers and the drivers side running cats only. Who was this guy?

I am excited for the future of this beast. We have plans to build it into a 4×4 beast…but it is still Asha’s truck, so it will be her hobby…I’m just going to help (shhh don’t tell her that)

I have made quite a few new friends since I have lived out here in Irvine and I have to admit, I am quite happy. They have been the best part of my life since I have moved and it has helped me grow into what I am becoming.

Of course these guys have always been there for me: Jimmy, Mark, and Brian.

This was a fun trip to San Diego to party!!! Nick and Nick in the front seat, Nicole, and of course Jimmy!

Oh to the wonderful nights like this. You wouldn’t know it, but we were literally the only people there (of course Brian is here but not in the picture)…we know how to make our own parties

You might not know it, but these guys owned that fateful night in San Diego

These two…not so much! Good memories had by all!


on to Asha…turns out my friend Nick has a cousin. Actually we all typically do. I didn’t know this when I met her though. Basically it ended up turning into “Hey we are basically family!” I won’t steal the context away with the juicy details, the mystery is much more exciting.

I knew I wanted to be with her as soon as she started snoring on my shoulder. Luckily for us, well…me, she decided to go through the tonsil removal surgery. Say goodbye to snoring!

Stay tuned, I will definitely have many adventure posts about us in the wild, driving up north, going to Arizona, taking cruises, flying to crazy countries, and making the best of life. Isn’t that what life is about?

Make Life Happen

I will admit, within all of this excitement, I find myself both sad and happy for one particular reason. Jaime decided to take a leap and leave. She is now traveling the world with her life packed into her BMW. Some call it crazy (yes they actually did Jaime), but I call it purity. Make life happen. I will be meeting her in various cities, countries, what-have-you during her journey to make a small journey of my own.

We are all different and to me, having a home base is my happiness. Having spontaneous adventures is my cocaine.

New Trades, New Marksmen, New Philosophy

I have taken it upon myself to do things as they come up. If I have a sudden craving to do something I will do it. The newest trade in this sense is video editing. Funny how things just fall into place when you least expect them to. I have a new desire to start video editing and have actually been putting it to the test. Both for me and for business. Myogenics Fitness has quite a few of my videos, but those are more simple.

I will be putting together more videos for my personal enjoyment as time moves on. You can find my videos either by the link at the top or by clicking here. Below you will find my very first Matthew Production “Yoad to Rosemite”, which is an adventure my buddy Jimmy and I went on at the last minute up to Yosemite (from Orange County), a good 18 hours of driving. Oh yeah, did I mention we only stayed there for about 40 minutes for a beer? -classic-

Yoad to Rosemite

[flv:/movies/yoadtorosemite.flv 400 300]

Model Cars? Are we 5?

I also found out Asha likes building model cars…I know most people probably think this is nerdy, but when I was younger I took pride in the model Skill Level 3′s I would build! It only stopped because I was overwhelmed. eBay had just made its appearance to the world and my Mom and I were HOOKED! I am talkin’…new auctions every night that we were watching! Funny because those days, they didn’t have automatic bidding, they didnt have DSL, they didn’t have Buy it Now. All they had was a “Bid Now” button and you would enter your bid. I remember hitting refresh every few seconds to see if we won, and every time having to wait that 6-10 seconds for it to load!

It turned into a family event! Refreshing as the seconds counted down to find out if you had either won or lost. That was where we went wrong and eBay went right! It turned into a game! And you know what? WE ALL LOVE TO PLAY IT! However, I digress…

My Mom loved eBay so much that within a week I had atleast 20 boxes worth of models sitting on the front step. Multiply that by a months worth of eBayism…you have a slight dilemma on your hands! I actually found myself overwhelmed. Just recently I sold a few of my old models for other hobbyist’s to build, but I am excited to say that I still have many many models left to choose from for Asha and I to build! Is that nerdy? I hope so!


It took a close friend two sentences to change my whole scope on my future. No I’m not talking about business…I am talking about a little place called Colorado.

Jimmy and I were talking one day and he says “I think I am going to move to Colorado and work for a few months, want to come?”

I was quick to say “dude, YEA!” but then I realized I was stuck into a current lease on my current house. However, this has changed, I find myself wanting to live in Colorado! Although this is a couple years down the road, you just never know what could happen…I’m keeping my eyes open.

Well, that is all for now. I know there are pages and pages of new happenings I could post about, but I am positive it would freeze up my server. I promise I will update sooner then 5 months down the road. Take care.

Everyday Should Be A Good Day To Die…