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[VIDEOsnippets] Looking For Talent??

Oct 15, 2011   //   by admin   //   Internet Marketing, Video Production, Video Snippets  //  No Comments

Look For Talent?

In this VIDEOsnippetI discuss the different ways you can get acting and voice talent for your video shoots. When would you need this? Ever want to do a product demonstration with a professional actor or actress showcasing your product? Ever wanted professional sounding Voice Overs? Or maybe you just need more talent within with you production, after all – you can’t be in 5 places at once!

1,500 Miles to Skyrocket Your Productivity With Something You Already Have

Aug 29, 2011   //   by admin   //   Blog, Internet Marketing  //  No Comments

Productivity in Business

After 1,500 miles in 100+ degree weather I have come to the conclusion of a couple things: Firstly, 1,000 miles of perfectly straight roads like the I-10 East suck majorly!! The other is that even the most boringest (wow that is definitely not a word) of times can be productive given the right company. This rings true in business and in friendship.

The obvious is that the power of conversation comes up quite frequently, but it’s not just that. If you use conversation correctly it can be a very major financial and goal encompassing tool that you can always use to your advantage! It’s always easy to talk to someone you trust but try something new: talk to your buddy about business!

Even if your buddy isn’t in the same business as you or if they don’t know much about your particular field, they can still offer a lot of help in building a basic foundation around ideas. Plus we’ve all heard that mastermind groups are a major component that all big business guru’s use all the time. You can create your own mastermind group with you and your group of friends.

Accountability is a Must

Another great tool that I found amazing in my trip is an accountability partner. Don’t know what an accountability partner is? Well, it’s basically someone who keeps you on track for the things you want to accomplish. Think of it this way: You want to lose weight so you go to the gym every morning for an hour and a half. One morning you wake up and you just aren’t feeling up to it – so you cancel on your own plans of success (how many times has this happened to you in your business??) Now imagine if your best friend worked out with you – oh how the terms change! You call your friend and say “I don’t really feel like going this morning”. You better believe they are going to say something along the lines of “GET OFF YOUR A$$ and let’s get a good work out in!” $100 says that you’ll have your gym clothes on in 15 seconds and out the door. (And if they don’t say this, you need new friends – Sorry.)

Now let’s up the ante a bit: Let’s say you leave your gym bag at your workout buddies house and theirs is at yours. If you cancel on them, it means they won’t get a workout and if they cancel it means you don’t get a workout. $500 says you both never miss a workout! (unless both of you come down with the flu at the same exact time – highly unlikely!!!)


Mastermind in Business

Okay, How Does This Help In Business?

Let’s put this example to work in business: You mastermind with your buddy regarding a new product you want to release (a new video you want to produce, new software you want to create, new website you need to code, new services you want to offer clients, etc). Through that mastermind you have a basic outline of what you want to accomplish right? Now the accountability comes into play!

Check it out: You can schedule daily “meetings” with your accountability partner to discuss exactly what you’ve accomplished in your day to reach your goals. Or better yet schedule two calls: AM and PM call. AM call will cover what you want to accomplish in your day and the PM call will cover what you did accomplish in your day. To up the ante even more, you can tell your accountability partner that you will give them $20 if you don’t accomplish atleast 75% (3/4) of what you discussed on your AM call.

This can go both ways too, you can be an accountability partner for your buddy and they can be yours! In fact that’s when it works the best!

You Actually Do This?

Uhm, hell yea? In fact I have a few accountability partners. And yes, they seriously skyrocket my productivity on a daily basis. Not even that, but I am the type of person who always wants to go above and beyond for myself and others. So on my PM calls, I try to have more finished than I expected to!

You might be wondering how my long trip made me think of this. Well I needed an accountability partner to keep myself from eating really badly on our trip! Yes if I subjected myself to the typical fast food joints on our trip, I had to pay up in the amount of $20 each time. And guess what! It took me 1 time to realize I didn’t like paying $26 for a burger at Carls Jr.

Feel free to comment below on your successes with this!

Learn How to Shoot an Interview

Jul 26, 2011   //   by admin   //   Blog, Internet Marketing, Video Production  //  No Comments

Hey! In this video I show you how I set up to shoot interviews in my home! This footage was taken from a shoot I did for a client last week. I put a camera on a tripod and shot from a distance the whole set up process (well, until it ran out of battery). This is about 50 minutes of work compressed into 3 minutes.

I explain the process of setting everything up, why it’s set up that way, plus it gives you a glimpse into an actual interview shoot so you can manipulate it to work for you!


3 Key Tips on Speaking to the Camera

Jul 20, 2011   //   by admin   //   Blog, Internet Marketing, Video Production  //  No Comments

We’ve all been there. You got everything you need to start video marketing: the camera, tripod, an outline, memory cards, location, lighting is perfect. Everything is absolutely perfect, except every time you hit the record button you freeze up or choke on all of your words. This is a predicament every video marketer goes through and in my video below I discuss 3 Key Tips on helping you rock it on camera!

5 Types of Video Content to Send Your Fans

Jul 13, 2011   //   by admin   //   Blog, Internet Marketing  //  No Comments

Hey! I put this video together for you to show you the 5 different types of videos you can share with your clients, followers, subscribers, fans, etc. These videos will keep them all engaged, they are fun to make, and ultimately will lead into a life long subscriber that never goes to the dark side and keeps your Click Thru Rates high!

Go ahead, take a look and tell me what you think.